Time Out Market is bring all-star Chicago food vendors to Fulton Market Food Hall

Featuring 18 kiosks and chefs including The Purple Pig’s Jimmy Bannos Jr., Pretty Cool Ice Cream’s Dana Salls Cree, HaiSous’ Thai Dang and more, local food businesses are making a mark at the Time Out market venue in Fulton Market later in the year.

CEO of Time Out Market, Didier Souillat, said “All the chefs are local — nobody outside of Chicago. It has to be the city and noboby else.”

Chicago’s Time Out Market will be the largest market outside of Lisbon. Chicago’s Time Out Market will include other major cities market’s such as Boston, Miami and New York.

The Time Out Market will have “18 restaurants, three bars and a demo kitchen,” Book Club Chicago reports.

The market will have a rooftop space, retail shops and event area. About 600 people will be able to purchase food from all over the food scene.

This is not the only food hall opening, Politan Row will open in May at 111 N. Aberdeen St. featuring Bumbu Roux’s Chris Reed, Floriole’s Sandra Holl, Passion House Coffee’s Joshua Millman and more.


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