Local man in grocery store eats directly from soup bar

A video posted on Twitter from @wtfvids shows a man in what appears to be a Mariano’s supermarket eating soup directly from the bar.

According to Twitter, users believe that this may be a Mariano’s supermarket in Chicago and specifically the one on Ashland and Archer. But it is unclear if this is the case because this Mariano’s supermarket could mirror any of their supermarkets across Chicago.

Twitter user @hairweave questions if this happened in the good ole US of A. While a perceptive twitter user @nnlflf is 100 percent sure this is happening in a Mariano’s supermarket in Chicago due to its set up.

The unfortunate thing is that this happens in supermarkets all the time and sometimes employees are banned from interacting with the individual in question possibly for their safety.

Over on Reddit, user kitkatkandy said “As someone who works in a grocery store with a soup and salad bar, I can confirm, customers will do horrid things to it.”

According to another user DavidGuyon, “90 percent of your buffets are completely filthy because they never clean due to the employees spending all their time churning out food that sits out in the open too long.” He continues, “I found a dead mouse in the water at another account, it was never removed for what had to be at least a week, it was a floating lump of slime.”

It is unsure how accurate this account is it but seeing a patron eat food in this manner is enough to stop people from eating at any food bar for the foreseeable future.


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