Hell’s Kitchen S18, E4: Hell Freezes Over

Hell’s Kitchen episode four has vets reeling that the rookies are good at cooking. There are 14 contestants left after Jen’s explosive exit. Here’s the highlights:

Welcome to Hell

  • We have Jen gone and men (Chris specifically) talking about Mia like she’s a piece of meat (yuck).
  • Everyone is excited that Jen is gone.

HK – Twist

  • It’s a Hell’s kitchen sled race and one team will win an advantage. Round and round they go down a slope with fake snow. The Blue team (vets) won.

The Soup Challenge

  • Since the blue team won the sledding challenge they received a 10 second head start to choose their ingredients. All chefs have 45 mins for this soup challenge overall.

Guess Who’s Coming to Judge

  • Chef Ramsay, Chef Traci Des Jardin and Olympic winner and Cookbook author Brian Boitano.

Trev: Carrot coconut soup with Cajun curry shrimp. Chefs’ said it’s “Beautiful.” 6 points out of 9.

Heather: Andouille, lobster and corn chowder. Chefs’ said ” you can’t go wrong.” 8 points out of 9.

Ariel: Fried chicken miso ramen. Chefs’ said “love the flavor, great textures.” 7 points out of 9.

T: Celery veloute with spicy pickled shrimp. Chefs’ said “loved the spiciness, beautiful.” 8 out of 9.

Kevin: Classic New England claw chowder. Chefs’ said “textures are lovely.” 6 out of 9.

Roe: Pho. Chefs’ said “Missing a little bit of salt and acid” 3 out of 9.

Bret: Tomato basil soup with crispy pancetta and orzo. Chefs’ said “Salty, no taste of pancetta.” 3 out of 9.

Mia: Brown butter and butternut squash soup. Chefs’ said “never nice” 9 out of 9.

Motto: Southern spiced sweet potato soup. Chefs’ said “No acid but great base.” 6 out of 9.

Gizzy: Celery and fennel soup. Chefs’ said “It’s amazing, nice touch.” 9 out of 9.

Chris: Spicy butternut squash soup with fried tomatoes and fried jalapeno. Chefs’ said “It looked like melted cheese.” 3 out of 9.

Jose: soy miso soup and vegetables. Chefs’ said “Likes the funkiness, easy to eat.” 7 out of 9.

Scotley: Saffron, potato, leek with crispy brussel sprouts and butter poached lobster. Chefs’ said “Love the texture. Beautiful marriage between the texture of the soup.” 8 out of 9.

The rookies won at this point but they still had Kanae left.

Kanae: Mushroom soup. Chefs’ said “texture of the roasted mushrooms is fantastic.” 9 out of 9.

The Fourth Service Begins (highlights)

  • The blue team is working well together but the red team is trying to get into the groove after Gizzy leaves tableside.
  • Chris burnt the pork chop that Chef Ramsay put in the oven. But he fixes it.
  • Kevin didn’t have his steaks hot. So the meat station is all over the place.
  • The red team has some timing issues and some of the meat is dying.

The Outcome

  • Both teams lost. There were no clear winners. Gizzy, Chris, Trev, and Kevin are in the bottom.
  • No one went home tonight but there was a shake up. Gizzy, Trev, and Kevin switched teams while Chris stayed on the red team.
  • It didn’t stop there because Kanae and Mia went to the blue team. Bret went to the red team. It is no longer rookies vs. veterans. It’s back to basics.

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